Amazing Maze Maize Seen From The Sky!

How many Gromit sculptures have you ticked off the Grand Appeal trail so far this year?  As well as Cubby situated in our carpark we have what Heart have referred to as the “68th Gromit” in our Maize Maze!

cubby the gromit sculpture

An aerial shot taken at 4000 feet from a plane on it’s way into Bristol Airport has surfaced on various social media platforms and news channels and has caused some debate about what it is!  We can confirm that it is in fact the outline of ‘Cubby’, cleverly cut into our Maize Maze this year to raise funds for the brilliant Grand Appeal charity.

cubby in the maze

The maze is free to access from the car park of our site situated between Bristol and Bath but we are suggesting a donation of £1 per person.  All the proceeds will go to the Grand Appeal to help support the brilliant work that they do.  Find your way around the maze, all 5 Cubby’s and back out again!

If you are flying into Bristol over the Summer, do try and get a snap and tag us and #GU2.

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