Birthday Party Package – Guest Review

Sienna had been saying for a while that she would love to have her Birthday at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park so when we were given the opportunity to test out their new birthday package I jumped at the chance!

siennas birthday party

What you get:

· 1 x 2 hour slot in the party room

· 1 x Avon Valley Experience – choose from either Animal Handling (30mins), Pony Grooming (30mins), Creepy Crawlies Session (30mins) or Birthday Train Ride!

· 15 x child admission for the whole day

· 10 x adult admission for the whole day

(Any extra siblings/adults can be admitted at a reduced rate but may not be able to fit in the party room – cost £7.50 pp)

· Buffet lunch for the children

·  Animal mask

·  Avon Valley balloon

·  Adventurer’s Pass Upgrade (including Tractor, Train, Chair-O-Planes ride)

·  Music Station to play your own tunes

·  Downloadable party invite

·  Free tea and coffee for the adults


£220 for the entire package


I don’t even know where to start with telling you all what an amazing and fun packed day we have all had at the park for Siennas Birthday.. It’s definitely going to be one we all remember for a while!


When we first arrived we went straight into the party room, which is a lovely little space, very clean and plenty of room for all the kids to sit round the table. A member of staff brought in all the party food for us when we were ready for it…. SO MUCH FOOD! There was a good little selection, crisps, sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks and cakes. We also had lots of squash for the kids. Us adults were given tea and coffee tokens to use in the cafe (caffeine is definitely needed when at a kids party!)


Birthday Party Food

Whilst in the party room one of the Avon Valley mascots gave us a little visit and said hello to all the children (this is not included in the package).

Park mascot Bea at the window

The kids got a chance to play on the field with one of the Fungineers who brought out the large parachute so he could play game with all the kids, duck duck goose and detective to name a few (the Fungineers are on site during peak periods) . Avon Valley staff are always so ready to play with the kids and act silly it really makes the day that much more special!

parachute game

Next we headed for a miniature train ride at the Strawberry Line. The gentlemen running it saw that we were a Birthday party so brought out the second train for us so all the children could ride together (I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.. the staff are AMAZING!)

We headed around to the pig racing after that. You can’t do a day at Avon Valley without watching the pigs race! All the kids picked their colour pig and waited with great excitement for the race to start and found the pigs dodging obstacles and jumping fences hilarious. Definitely one of the highlights of the day.

Next up we headed down to field and waited for the tractor ride, again all the kids managed to fit on in one go! The tractor is doing the summer route at the moment so they went off along the Riverside Trail and us parents had 10ish minutes of silence when they were gone! The kids all said the tractor ride was ‘awesome’ and they got to see so many animals along the route.

We had a little free time before our next activity was booked in so we headed in the direction of the Bounce pillows (my kids favourite part of the park).

Just as we were leaving there we heard Christmas songs playing all throughout the park.. a bit strange for August right? Turns out Santa was visiting on his holidays and had stopped in to feed his reindeer! Which was bonkers and the kids were so happy (and shocked to see him) everyone in the park (that wanted to) got the chance to walk over to the reindeer enclosure with Santa and feed the reindeer with him.

summer santa

At 2pm we had our private animal handling session.  We hadn’t done one before so I wasn’t sure to expect, maybe one or two animals? Nope, the kids got to experience handling SIX different animals which was just amazing! First up was a rat, followed by a snake, rabbit, tortoise, barn owl & a cockroach.  The keeper looking after us also made sure Sienna was happy and had seen all the animals that she wanted too. Honestly it was the most amazing experience for not just the kids but us parents too.

animal handling

animal handling


The whole day was fantastic and everyone had so much fun. I’d definitely recommend doing a full day at the park for your party, we were there 10.30am – 3pm and didn’t have time to do everything at the park.

I can’t recommend Avon Valleys party package enough and would definitely book another in the future.


Room for improvement?

I’ve been trying so hard to think of something negative to say about the new parties but honestly it’s just all been so perfect. The only thing I’d suggest is hi-vis jackets or something similar for this kids, keeping track of 16 children was a little tricky so having something that made them stand out would make life so much easier.


Overall experience:


Fun to be had:


Value for money:



Taylor x


Full details, availability and bookings page can be found HERE.


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  1. Bev Walker says:

    What a lovely Birthday for Sienna. Looks like her and her guests had a whale of a time….can I come to the next one please, health permitting of course!

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