Christmas has arrived! Journey to The North Pole – Guest Review.

Christmas has arrived at the park and we have our first full guest review in.  WARNING…..This does contain SPOILERS!  So if you want to be as surprised as your kids, click away now!!


We’ve just finished the Christmas experience at Avon Valley and oh my goodness it was the most magical, festive and incredible morning!

Our slot was at 9am so we arrived at 8.45am as we were told to do on the ticket but were left waiting until 9am to be seen.  I can imagine the 15 minute early slot would only matter on peak times and dates but the children kept themselves occupied by thinking of what they were going to ask Santa for.

First you are transported to a lovely little room full of Christmas lights and trees and a seating area with a TV showing films.  You meet some elves and have your passports checked then you are taken through two doors, a full sized door for adults and a tiny elf door for the children.

As if by magic once through the door you arrive in Evergreen forest where two elves are waiting for you.  The children have to help find the magic gems and tell their Christmas wishes in order for the magic tree to open its door.  The children absolutely loved this part and got really into it.

Once you go through the tree and down a forest pathway you come to your next stop; TOY MAKING!

Making toys in the toy factory

This was one of my favourite parts and the elves even got the adults involved asking what their favourite part of Christmas was and making them pull silly faces.  The toy shops elves gave each child a crate which included a empty teddy and all the parts needed to complete one. The children had to stuff the teddies before putting in the heart and making sure all the poppers were done up before putting them back into the crates and handing them back to one of the elves to be sent off to the finished toy room.  After that one of the elves got out a magic ‘Christmas spirit’ ball which turns Red if your full of Christmas spirit. Everyone’s turned Red apart from me. The elves then asked the children how I can be more cheerful. Lexi suggested singing a Christmas song, so me and Lexi sang a verse of jingle belles (thank you for that Lexi).

Our next walk through the forest took us to the elves parlour where the children got to decorate (and eat) gingerbread men followed by a Christmas themed story which the children really enjoyed.

child making gingerbread

After gingerbread decorating we headed into the main Christmas area where we spent a while whilst waiting for our slot to visit Santa.  Complete with snow this area was definitely my favourite. We claimed our free hot chocolates and enjoyed wandering around looking at all the Christmas scenes. The main outside area was lovely and included some little houses for the children to go in and two rides which were free to use. There was also two real reindeers to look at Donner and Blitzen.

Meeting donner and blitzen the reindeer


The indoor area was completely magical and had so many Christmas scenes to look at and houses for the children to go in it really was just gorgeous!

There was three parts to the indoor area.

The photo area where you can have your photos taken with snowmen (charged) the photographer was really lovely!

Family photo opportunity

The shop where you can purchase things like candy canes and teddys.

And the post office where the children can write their letters to Santa before popping them into a special ball and putting them into a machine where the letters whizz off to the North Pole!

There were so many elves wandering around throughout and it really made it enjoyable for not just the kids but the adults too.  They played with the children and acted silly which is always a winner. I’ve said it time and time again the Avon Valley staff are amazing and really do make these events what they are.

Next up for us was the main event.. time to see Santa! This part was really good, you are taken into a special rocket, you sit in your seat and go through the safety checks and then get ready for take off! The door shuts and the front window opens revealing the reindeers. The simulation then starts (very little movements so fine for children and babies) you’re taken on the ride through Bristol and different portals before finally arriving in the North Pole.

Another quick walk through the forest and you arrive at Santa’s hut where you are greeted by Mrs Claus! Avon Valleys Santa was just the loveliest and really took time to talk to all the children and gave them gifts which arrive via the chimney which was a lovely touch! Mrs Claus then takes a photos of Santa and the children.

meeting santa

You then arrive back in the main outside area where you are free to wander around again. We spent ages in the outdoor and indoor area, the kids would of stayed there all day if they could!

kids on a carousel

When we did finally decide to head into the main park you take the elf express which is a quick train ride through a little forest.

This whole event was incredible and really got is into the Christmas spirit, Mike even suggested putting the tree up when we get home!

I’ve said it over and over again, one thing that Avon Valley do incredibly well is their events they are always so well put together and include so many little details! This has been the best event we have attended so far and by far the most amazing Christmas experience we have ever been too!

I’ve heard some people say that the Santa experience is really expensive compared to some places but you get what you pay for and at Avon Valley you really are getting a full Christmas experience and not just a standard visit to Santa.  The amount of detail alone is worth every penny! And when you compare it to some places who charge £10 you are getting a immersive walk through, hot chocolate, gingerbread making etc as well as a full day at Avon Valley and all those extras so actually having prices from £22 is actually a REALLY good deal and the look you will see on your children’s faces throughout the day is so worth it!

Thank you Avon Valley for the most festive morning! We’re off to explore the rest of the park now!

Love Taylor x


Prices per person range £22.00 – £32.00

Dates: November 24th & 25th, December 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th.

Time Slots between 9am & 4.30pm (9am & 12pm on Christmas Eve)

Remaining tickets can be purchases HERE.


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