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Andy & The Odd Socks

15th August


15 August 2021 10:00am


15 August 2021 4:00pm

On Sunday 15th August, Andy and The Odd Socks return to the park with their live band promoting individuality and fun led by Andy Day from CBeebies.  Stars of the TV show Andy & The Band.

On the day they will be supported by an act to be confirmed yet and your ticket includes full access for the day to enjoy Avon Adventure & Wildlife Park.

Sing, dance and play all day and make it a Summer to remember!

We have a limited number of pre-pitched gazebos available to hire for the day as your base camp to fun.





One day Andy had an AMAZING dream about starting a band that would take over the world!
A dream so real, that when he woke up he knew he had to make that dream come true.

Meet the band:

Andy the singer – Big hair, big voice, big socks. Loves his silver jacket so much, he sleeps in it.  The leader of the Odd Socks.

Rio on guitar – Literally out of this world…..No really!! He comes from Planet Rock.  He loves a bandana and his favourite catchphrase is “Keep it Rio”.

Blu on bass – The brains of the band, Blu always knows exactly what to do.  Has a great sunglasses collection.

Cousin Mac on keyboards –  Andy’s 14th cousin twice removed from the Scottish Highlands.  Loves to invent things. Groovy Hoovers best friend.

Moxy on drums – Loud and proud. Ready to tackle any problem that comes her way. Loves to rap when she can.





























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