Lambing Live

February Half Term


9 February 2018 10:00am


18 February 2018 5:30pm


This February half term at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park we are running Lambing Live, it’s going to be baaaa-rilliant!


Running from Friday 9th February until Sunday 18th February you can flock to see new born lambs with your little ones.

We have 20 ewes ready to lamb twins and triplets every day over the week in our indoor animal handling barn. Our lambing team will be giving talks throughout the day about the lambing process and lots of super sheep facts.

The lambs will be on public view during the day so you can meet and learn all about them.


You can even name them! There will be opportunities both in the park and on social media to name the lambs on the day they are born. We will be live streaming day and night at set times on Facebook, so you will have regular updates and see live lambing action as it happens.

This is the first live lambing event we have run at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park and we are really excited to share one of our favourite times of the year with you. We are bringing these Blueface Leicester X ewes in specifically for half term as our rare breed sheep usually lamb later in the year.


Did you know…Within the park and farm we normally have 3 types of rare breed sheep; Soay Sheep, Jacob Sheep & Grey Face Dartmoor Sheep. The Soay sheep naturally shed their wool and the Jacob sheep have unusual piebald markings, both will be lambing in March, close to when our Riverside Trail reopens for the year. The Grey Dartmoor sheep have long naturally curly wool and are extremely placid, you can usually find Maud and Joyce in the animal handling barn ready for a cuddle.


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