Witch & Wizard School

October Half Term


21 October 2017 11:00am


29 October 2017 5:00pm


Enrol your child into Avon Valley’s Witch & Wizard School this half term…


Headmistress Broomhilda will be waiting to greet them into the 2017 term.

Following her address and introducing the teachers, each pupil will be put into their school houses, given their very own witch or wizard hat, and then lead to their various classes by their Head of House.


The curriculum this year sees the ‘POTIONS’ class making Slime, and ‘SPELLS’ class training their wands with a level of magnetism never seen before! ‘BROOMSTICK SKILLS’ will of course take place after each pupil is given their very own broom to decorate. Will they successfully complete the flying course in order to receive their Flying Licence?


Following this aprox. 2 hour experience each and every pupil will receive their Witch & Wizard certificates at their graduation ceremony.


Each pupil will take home:
– a witch/wizard hat
– a broomstick
– slime created in class
– Flying Licence
– Graduation Certificate
– and examples of spells to practice at home.


This ticket also includes FREE PUMPKIN CARVING and other Spooky Fun activities across the park.


There are three intakes per day (11am, 1pm & 3pm) with up to thirty pupils (three classes of 10) in any one session.

Recommended age: 4-9yrs.



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