Fairytale February. Unicorns are coming!

Once upon a time in a land not too far away, unicorns and fairies were waiting to play!  Join us at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park for our fantastical & fantasy full Fairytale February.  We are bringing you more mythical magic than you can sprinkle with fairy dust!

Fairytale Trails

Throughout February there are 3 fun trails to complete around the park.  We have a Unicorn Trail for you to find some sparkly shoes, I’m not sure they will fit you though!  The Fairytale Trail has stories hidden around the park for you to find and listen to.  The Fairy and Pixie house hunt will have you searching high and low for those little twinklebells, will they invite you in for tea?  You can also join Jack for some magic beanstalk planting that you to take home to see if you can reach the sky and find that great Golden Goose.


During half term and at weekends you will have an opportunity to meet a real life unicorn!  Pet our most magical member and have a photo taken with her.  Prince Charming and our very own Princess will be meeting visitors throughout the day to make their fairytale dreams come true.  Prince Charming will also be teaching the children how to draw their own cartoons to bring their imagination to life!

Unicorns are coming to Avon Valley

Park Activities

All our usual park activities will be running, along with our Lambing Live event so you are guaranteed a full day of fun and activities with us.  Message your friends and mark your date with us on the calendar now!

Get Involved

Share your adventures and stories with us across social media, using the hashtag #AVFairytaleFebruary.  Will you be spotted with a unicorn?

Find full event details along with our Lambing Live event that is running during half term, all on our website https://www.avonvalley.co.uk/

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