Firework Display Announcement

Fireworks at Avon Valley Announcement
Please note that Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park will be holding a Fireworks display on Monday 5th November at around 7.15/7.30pm. The display will last for around 15 minutes.
As per every year we run our Firework display in a very organised manner, ensuring any of our animals that can be susceptible to loud bangs are kept well away from the firework area, which takes place at a carefully chosen location on Avon Valley Farm. We do take all precautions to keep every animal in our care safe throughout the year.
We advise that anyone locally who is worried or concerned about their own animals to ensure their animals are kept safe during the night. This advice from the RSPCA may help you:
We are placing this announcement into the locality to keep our neighbours informed of this upcoming event.
If you wish to attend an organised event you can full details of our event HERE.

6 thoughts on “Firework Display Announcement”

  1. Maria Arnold says:

    Are they ‘Silent’ Fire works
    Are the animals have head phones

    It’s a fact that animals are terrified of fire works . So I guess you think they won’t hear and of course animals that are close to this area

    My dog has to have tablets from vet to stop him being terrified

    Can’t believe to be honest your holding a display!

    1. Lizzie Arkley says:

      Thank you for your concern of our animals. 

      We absolutely understand your worries, however the farm our park is set within covers about 200 acres and the fireworks display took place in a carefully chosen location well away from the animals. Any animals that reside closer to the display area, were moved away. All of our animals are kept safely inside night time facilities and away from any potential noise with a member of the team on duty during the display. The care and well-being of our lovely animals is always paramount and we would never do anything to cause them distress. 

  2. Maisey says:

    Good morning,

    I’ve just tried to purchase tickets for tonight’s firework display which are sold out, will there be anyway I could purchase two on the door?

    Many thanks

    1. Lizzie Arkley says:

      Sorry Maisey, the event was sold out in advance and we do not sell tickets on the gate.

  3. Jason says:

    Is there any tickets left for tonight

    1. Lizzie Arkley says:

      Sorry Jason, the event was sold out in advance.

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