Fireworks Night – Review

OK, let’s get the elephant out of the room..  Avon Valleys firework display is the only event where I have heard and read bad things about.  BUT if you dress correctly and arrive early I think you will find the whole event a much different experience.

The gates to the event opened at 5.30, we arrived around 5.15.  Traffic was calm and leading up the the event was well sign posted. I was expecting crowds and high volumes of traffic so was keeping a eye on the Avon Valley Facebook page to see what times they suggested getting there for. (I can imagine it got hectic a little later)

There was lots to keep the kids happy with a funfair on sight with several rides, each one costing around £2-4 each which is normal for a fair but having three kids with us (we left Amelia with family due to sensory issues) we did spend a small fortune. There was a good variety of rides that suited all ages which was fab as mine go from 3-11.

child enjoying funfair

There was also plenty of choice when it came to food options with four different food trucks and a sweet truck too.  We went for a few portions of chips to share.  Again pricing was about average for event priced food.  The only thing we did find was a lack of seating with only a few picnic tables in the bar area that were all full of people just sitting down rather than using for food or drink so that’s one thing I’d love to see more of next year.

After some food and a few goes on the rides we went into the sparkler area which were free with a suggested donation to the Jessie May charity. (I popped in a £1 for each sparkler)  The kids really loved doing sparklers and it was a really nice touch the event.

sparkler area

Jessie May also had their fire walk charity event going on which was amazing to watch. Harley especially thought seeing people walk across hot coals absolutely unbelievable.

When the fire work area opened we headed straight over to the field.  The kids were so excited and determined to get right to the front.  The crowds going in when it first opened was nice and calm so again we had no issues found a lovely spot against the railings and set up camp ready to watch the display.
Avon Valley had a great selection of music playing to get everyone warmed up, baby shark went down really well with lots of children doing the dance. The greatest show also was a big hit and got a lot of the crowd singing (me and Mike included).

There was a little delay (around 10 minutes) to the firework display starting which people weren’t too happy about and was a little annoying but was totally out of Avon Valleys control and it was nice of them to wait for the people affected by the tail backs of a earlier accident.  It was one of those situations where whatever Avon Valley decided to do a few people would of been unhappy.

When the display did start you could tell it was worth the wait within the first few seconds!  It was fantastic and really well planned.  The fireworks went off to the music perfectly and the whole display was visually stunning.  The grand finale was really good and featured the whole of ‘This is Me’.
The display lasted around 15 minutes and had everyone cheering at the end, it’s the best display we have ever been to.

fireworks at avon valley

I was dreading leaving the event, it looked like complete chaos walking back through the carpark to the car but it actually wasn’t that bad and the Avon Valley marshals did a really good job at getting everyone out fairly and once you were past the bridge it was pretty plain sailing.  It took us around 5/10 minutes to exit the park.

Overall it was a really good family night out.

My top tips for anyone who wants to come next year:
– Get there on time so you have plenty of time to get in.
– Wear sensible footwear.
– Bring cash for food trucks and rides.
– Relax and chill out, an event that busy will have high volumes exiting but if you stay calm it isn’t that bad!

Well done Avon Valley on another amazing event, you guys rock!

Value for money: 💥💥💥💥💥
Wow factor: 💥💥💥💥💥


Taylor x


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