The First Jacob Lambs Are Born!

We are very lucky to have 3 types of rare breed sheep at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park.  Two of these breeds are lambing this Spring so we were very excited to welcome the first Jacob lambs of the year!

jacob sheep twin lambs

Just hours old the lambs are resting with Mum


Jacob sheep originated in the Middle East and are believed to be the oldest breed in the world.  There is a reference to them in the Old Testament!  They were introduced to the UK in Elizabethan times and there are now approximately 8,000 breeding ewes producing around 3,000 lambs each year.

They are a hardy, attractive and long lived sheep with a medium fine fleece and multiple horns.

jacob sheep

This breed can have multiple horns

We have triplets and twins in the animal handling barn at the moment if you would like to see them up close.

Our Other Rare Breeds

Our Soay Sheep will be lambing later this Month so watch this space!  Our Grey Face Dartmoor sheep are not lambing this year which is a shame as personally I think they produce the cutest lambs of them all!  Hopefully we will have some next year!




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