Guest blog: Pigs, Picnics & the Bath Philharmonia (and The Bath Male Choir)…

Where to begin?  Perhaps with pigs.  ‘All pigs are beautiful’ claims Dick King Smith, in his fantastic book of the same title, and who are we to disagree?  Indeed the pigs of Avon Valley Park, Bristol, are a gorgeous band of beauties.  Furthermore, they don’t just look good:they move well too.

If you haven’t tried pig racing, you haven’t truly lived.  Those porkers sure run fast!  The pigs were clearly one of the highlights of our day at Avon Valley Park, as was the carriage ride with Silver Shires – such amazing horses – but they were both precursors to the main event: the Charity Picnic Concert with the Bath Philharmonia and the Bath Male Choir.  That’s right people, #imwiththeband again.

We didn’t care that it rained through the first half – we huddled under our hoods and umbrellas, sheltered our salads and held our Honey’s cider close.  The Bath Philharmonia are a talented bunch, whose orchestral movie-inspired set saturated the summer air with sweet, sweet music.  Children danced, colourful balloons and ribbons mocked the grey sky, and the audience loved it.

And in the interval…the sun came out, tempted hither by the gorgeous voices of The Bath Male choir.  Yes, I am biased, but trust me, they deserve the praise.

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