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Lockdown Lambing Live

The maternity-ewe’nit at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park is back!  It’s going to be baaaa-rilliant!



Although the country is in lockdown again and you cannot visit in person, we plan to bring you the joy of our ewes and new born lambs to you in the comfort of your own home. Tune in daily for all our updates via our regular FB page, and get extra special behind the scene videos via our supporters page which you can join for £3.49 per month on Facebook.

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We have 15 ewes ready to lamb twins, triplets, quads and even one set of quintuplets over the next few weeks!


Our shepherds will be giving talks throughout the day about the lambing process and lots of super sheep facts all online.

You can even name them! There will be opportunities for our Facebook Supporters to name the lambs on the day they are born.
We will be live streaming day and night at set times, so you will have regular updates and see live lambing action as it happens.

Check out our Animal Barn webcam too, if you want to check in on the ewes whenever you fancy.


This is the third live lambing event we have run at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park and we are really excited to share one of our favourite times of the year with you. Our Romney X commercial ewes will lamb specifically over this February period as our rare breed sheep usually lamb later in the year.


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