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Buckle up adventurers!

It’s time to discover a fun-filled, family adventure from the comfort of your own car.


The Avon Valley Mini Safari will allow you to drive through the park and see our animals including guest favourites like Jules & Merlin!

Enjoy our audio guide which will lead you around our route with fun interesting facts to enhance your visit.


Launching Friday 26th June 2020 initially for our Annual Pass holders, this event will run on selected dates through July for all guests to visit our animals.

BOOK HERE for car tickets

Click here to book tickets.

Click here to book tickets.


This event has been planned in accordance with COVID-19 government guidance. We look forward to welcoming guests back to the park albeit in this new format. Hope to see you soon!


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – How long does the Mini Safari take?

A – It really depends on you, we have designed the experience to last around 20/25min but you can take longer if you wish.


Q2 – I have an annual pass or had one that was cancelled during COVID lockdown (between 18th March 26th June) can I enter the park Mini Safari for free.

A- All Annual Pass Holders who have an active pass can book a free car pass for this event. If you had a pass but had to cancel due to covid you can still book a ticket for the opening weekend for free.


Q3 – I have an Annual Pass but my partner does not can they still come with us?

A – Yes they can come with you, we operate a fair usage policy, if pass holders abuse our trust we will contact them directly.


Q4 – Why is the rest of the park not open as usual?

A – Unfortunately due to Government restrictions we can not open the park.




Listen to our audio guide as you journey around the park.


See below park route.

Mini Safari Guide Map