Where to eat

The Woodland Cafe is now open providing a wide food offering and selection of both hot & cold drinks.


With a selection of freshly made sandwiches available from the chiller unit or something wholesome from the hot plate, which will have been lovingly prepared by Olly and the team, I am sure you will be able to find something to cater for those rumbling tummies.

Home-cooked meals

We offer a range of home-cooked meals, from macaroni cheese to cottage pie! Look out for our Specials each day.
Smaller bites also available.

Cakes and Hot drinks

We have a variety of cakes and hot drinks on offer to make the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon break.

Children's meals

Hot and Cold Children's meals, and smaller portions are available.

We also stock 'Ella's Kitchen' products.

There is also a microwave available to warm any baby food.

Salads and Light bites

Fresh salad is available every day, along with pots of fruit or vegetables for a healthier light meal.

Ice cream

We sell Walls ice creams in our Woodland Cafe and Gift Shop.
Whippy ice cream is also on sale throughout the summer.