Rare foal born at Avon Valley!

Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park and the Silver Shires are proud to announce the arrival of a rare shire foal. The young colt (male) was born on the early hours of Saturday 29th April to mum, Betty, aged 12. Betty is around 17 hands high and after being born the size of a shetland pony, the young horse is already 11 hands high (measured at the withers).
The Silver Shires team are currently looking for a name for the young foal, and will be looking to attach it to their prefix ‘Pixash’. Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park have launched a competition on their Facebook page to find a suitable name, which they’re asking for to come with a great meaning too.
The lucky winner will win a day out for a family of four at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park to meet Betty and her new foal; along with a carriage ride, courtesy of the Silver Shires; and a behind-the-scenes tour of the Shire horse stables, with a chance to meet the gentle giants and the team behind the Silver Shires. Competition closes 30th May.

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