Re-Use Initiative – 15p Off Hot Drinks

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday 16th January), if you bring your reusable mug to the Woodland Cafe you will get 15p off your hot drink!
Just select your drink as usual in your reusable mug and 15p will be deducted from the normal price at the till.  We would like to help encourage you to re-use for all your hot drinks!


There is a large hand-washing trough/basin outside & just opposite the play barn for you to rinse them in if you wish to on your way out. All our taps run drinking water so it is totally safe to rinse and re-use.

I’ll show you mine, can you show me yours?

Following on from a post on Facebook last week, many of you seemed keen for an initiative like this and we are discussing more ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment. I’d love to see you with your reusable cups so please share a photo with us on social media using the hashtag #AVReuse

Re-usable coffee mug

My well used reusable mug!


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