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Dinosaur Valley

Dinosaur Valley Opens Monday 2nd August!  It’s going to be totally ROARsome!

We have 5 new life size dinosaurs arriving for our new attraction, Dinosaur Valley!  But what are they?  All will be revealed soon!

dinosaur valley logo with trex arriving at the park with a forklift truck


We introduced several animatronic dinosaurs in 2020 along with a fully interactive and mobile Velociraptor, Triceratops and T-Rex.  Due to their popularity we are scaling up with these new exciting additions! Alongside our Dinosaur Research Laboratory, Dinosaur Valley is THE place for any dino fan to visit in the South West!


Dinosaur Valley is included in day entry and is located along the River Side Trail which does not currently have general wheelchair access as it is grass based.  Some pushchairs may find it difficult to traverse.