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Q. Are dogs allowed on site / Do you allow assistance or therapy dogs?

We are only able to allow assistance dogs that have been trained by a charity that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK, this is because they have been trained to perform certain tasks for their human partner and will have been thoroughly assessed to ensure they are not a risk to members of the public or other animals at the park. We will need to see documentation on arrival to prove this.

Pet dogs will only be allowed for campers within the campsite this summer. These pets must be kept on a lead and away from all play equipment and must be supervised at all times.  Dogs are not allowed to be left in tents unattended.

No other dogs are permitted.


Q. Do you offer any discounted tickets?

We offer a discounted ticket for registered carers when visiting with a full paying disabled guest.

We have historically offered MOD / Forces and Blue Light Card Holder discounts but while the business recovers from long periods of closure due to the Covid crisis we are not currently in the position to do so.  This will be reviewed in the future.

Discounts offered at present

Book up to 4 weeks in advance, you save £4 per ticket.
Book up to 3 weeks in advance, you save £3 per ticket.
Book up to 2 weeks in advance, you save £2 per ticket.
Book up to 1 week in advance, you save £1 per ticket.

Book within 2 days and pay standard entry.

These savings are automatically applied at checkout.

Tickets are not transferable or refundable.

Q. Do I have to wear a face mask while on site?

In England, face coverings are no longer required by law.

The government suggests that you continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet.

Please be respectful of other people.

Q. Why must I wash my hands and not just use hand sanitizer?

There are two main reasons to be aware of:


  1. Hand sanitiser does not kill all germs, and there will always be some left on your hands.
  2. Hand sanitiser does not remove dirt. It will simply move it around your hands. The dirt will still harbour germs.

Adults must ensure the children in their care are cleaning their hands thoroughly, and disposing of paper towels only into the bins provided.


Q. We have been given Gift Vouchers, how do we use them?

Please follow the link below and redeem your vouchers ahead of booking by entering your voucher code.

Redeem Voucher


Q. Do you have bike racks?

We have 2 situated undercover outside the front of the shop.

Q. What are the animal-related ill health risks at visitor attractions?

All animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms, some of which cause no illness in the animal but can be transmitted to humans. Diseases passed from animals to humans are known as zoonoses. Some zoonotic diseases may cause ill health; in some cases the diseases may be severe or life threatening. Equally, some are more amenable than others to treatment, and some may leave lasting ill health. A range of zoonotic diseases can be acquired from animal contact at visitor attractions including:

  • Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli or VTEC of which E. coli O157 is one
  • Cryptosporidium parvum
  • Chlamydophilia abortus (formally called Chlamydia psittaci)
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Salmonella spp.

How do people become infected?

People can become infected with micro-organisms through consuming contaminated food or drink, through direct contact with contaminated animals, by contact with an environment contaminated with animal faeces or by being bitten. Very low numbers of micro-organisms can cause human infection.

How safe is a visit to an attraction?

Given an estimated 10 million people visit such attractions each year, we consider the risk of infection to be low. We advise washing your hands after contact with our animals and when leaving the animal contact area.  We have handwash stations available at numerous points in the animal contact area.

Q. Do you accept cash or card payments on site?

We are a cash free site, accepting card payments at our till systems for food and drinks.  The only exception is our quad bikes which require a £2.50 token to be purchased on site.  All other rides are included in the ticket price.  We do not have a cash machine on site.

Q. I’m fundraising for my charity/school. Can you donate a prize?
We receive a large volume of raffle and prize requests so to try and make it fair and support our local community we can now only offer prizes to places of education and registered charities that fall within a 15 mile radius.  If your place of education or registered charity falls within any of the postcodes below, please complete the form linked below for 2 vouchers for children’s park entry tickets which are valid for 12 months.  We aim to send these out within 14 days of completion of the form.
BA1, BA11, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA2, BA3, BA4, BA5, BS1, BS10, BS11, BS12, BS13, BS14, BS15, BS16, BS17, BS18, BS19, BS2, BS20, BS21, BS23, BS25, BS3, BS30, BS31, BS32, BS34, BS35, BS36, BS37, BS39, BS4, BS40, BS41, BS48, BS49, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS77, BS8, BS80, BS9, BS98, BS99, GL12, GL9, SN12, SN13, SN14, SN15.
Good Luck with your fundraising!
Q. I’m pregnant, can I visit the park?

You are more than welcome to visit Avon Valley Park if you are pregnant. You are welcome to visit the animals, but we recommend not touching them. It is down to your discretion whether you choose to take a ride on our train ride and take part on our play equipment.


Q. Is your car park free to park in?

Our car park is free to park for general day admissions. There may be a charge for parking at events. Please check your event tickets if this is the case.

Q. Do you take in animals?

We can very occasionally take animals in depending on species. Please can you let us know your name, contact number, animal breed, gender (and whether it is castrated or not), age of the animal and reason why you can longer care for it.

Q. Do you offer subsidised rates for Carers or Registered Disabled Visitors?

Disabled / Less Able visitors pay the day rate suitable to who they are, but they are entitled to a registered carer to enter with them at a discounted rate. Registered carers must show proof of ID from their local council’s carers centre or a Carer’s Allowance letter.