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The Importance of Sand & Water Play

We have been working with Timberplay who are one of the most respected names within the play industry and are proud to have worked on many world leading play areas across the UK, Middle East and India. Working in partnership with German play equipment manufacturer, Richter Spielgeräte, their play products are all engineered for exceptional performance and durability.


Play is a form of expression for children, and one that corresponds to each phase of their life. A child’s urge to play strengthens motor skills as well as intellectual capabilities. To truly understand something, children must first be able to experience it within their environment. Only when they have explored it using all their senses can they recognise its interconnections. Playful exploration and discovery are therefore the basic foundations for healthy development.

Sand Play
Many children are attracted to realistically mimicking the working world of adults. Moving of heavy loads, pouring sand into pipes, operating cranes, and digging out ditches with an excavator helps to understand physical laws and, above all, leads to satisfying play.

Water Play
When water is required for playing, a stream is the most beautiful source. However, it is very rare to find this natural possibility within a play area. Therefore, we have different possibilities of water supply which small and big children can try out and use with great fun, alone or working together.

Risk and Recklessness
Children love challenges and special things that stand out from the normal. That’s why play spaces need interesting elements that promote dexterity, cooperation and communication and that are also attractive to young people.


The new play area brings even more value to a fun filled family day out in Bristol and Bath.



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