Meet rare Greyface sheep Maud and Joyce

Two rare-breed Greyface Dartmoor ewes have been introduced to Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park. The two female sheep have been named Maud and Joyce and are just a year old. Both ewes are located at Avon Valley’s Adventure and Wildlife Park joining the pigs, goats, alpacas, a variety of other species residing at the riverside Park.


Joyce and Maud have come to us from Vespasian Farm, located at the top of Mendips, who have the biggest Greyface Dartmoor flock in the World. The Greyface Dartmoor breed were originally bred over 100 years ago in Dartmoor for Devonshire farmers who needed meat where there was no available. They are a large slow-growing breed, with the average weight being 60kg, they are a hardy sheep with strong and tough wool often used for carpets and insulation.


Joyce and Maud, the Dartmoor duo, join the various British breeds of sheep at Avon Valley, the Soay Sheep flock, the Jacob Sheep flock, Boris the Texel Ram, and Johnson the Lleyn Ram.

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