Meet our new Brand Ambassador!

We’re introducing our first brand ambassador to the park.

I am a massive fan of Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park.  My kids love it and it is always the first place they suggest when I ask “What would you like to do today?”  You may think as I work here, I am a little bias and that is a fair point which is why I would like to introduce Taylor to you!

Taylor doesn’t work here, she is a regular visitor with her family and I have asked her to come on board to write genuine reviews about the park and our events from her experiences as a visitor to the park.  I hope you find her upcoming guest blog posts as insightful as we will.  There will be no editing or censoring from me as that is not the purpose of these reviews, it’s honest feedback on experiences at the park.  Taylor is not being paid for these posts but will be given tickets to events here so as she can review them for us.  Seems fair doesn’t it?

So here is a little bit of an introduction to our new Brand Ambassador!

Taylor and her children

How would you introduce yourself?

A tea drinking, china hoarding, loud dress wearing, shabby & vintage obsessed mother of four children & one mischievous pup. Newly wed wife & generally winging the whole adulting thing.

Give us 5 facts about yourself please

1. I have four children, Lexi (10) Sienna (4) Harley (6) & Amelia (3)

2. Me & my husband eloped and got married in Fort William, Scotland back in 2017 after 6 years together.

3. I have seven tattoos, including a full sleeve, addictive arent they?

4. I am OBSESSED with Disneys Beauty & the Beast.

5. I love vintage china, you will find tea cups etc in every room of my home.

You can follow Taylors personal blog on

Or on Instagram @teacupsandpetticoats

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